Years ago we wanted access to fresh unpasteurized milk, so we bought a share in a cow, but the milk we got each week was not enough, and so we took the plunge and became cow keepers around 10 years ago.

When you buy a cow from an ad in the newspaper you really don’t know what you are getting. It is a bit like buying a used car.

In January 2012 we were blessed with a beautiful calf from our old cow Belle. Coco was the first heifer to be born on our farm, after having a few bull calves. She is a purebred Jersey, all grown up now. We have a special relationship with her, and what is really important is that we know how old she is and that she has had good nutrition since birth.

Coco April 2015 (2)
Coco, one of our Jersey cows.

Many people believe that raw milk is good for you (as we do), but many are influenced by anti raw milk propaganda, and are convinced that it would be highly dangerous to drink it. There is an excellent article on the myths surrounding raw milk at    

Now we are able to share Coco with others who want this wonderfully creamy milk, with a mouth feel, taste, and nutritional content completely different to grocery store milk. Many people in our rural county (who are mostly over 60, but also younger) tell me how they grew up with a family cow, or went up the road to get milk from their grandparents or the local dairy farm.

We cannot sell the milk as it is against the law in Virginia, but I am happy to say that our representative Del. Matt Fariss, in the Virginia General Assembly House of Delegates, co sponsored a bill this year that would have allowed sales of raw milk from up to 3 cows, which was how it used to be till around 60 years ago.

For nutritional information on raw milk you can go to

WIN_20160103_115018 (2)
Daisy, the large cow, is Coco’s first calf. The calf with the collar is Daisy’s daughter Tootsie(11/3/15) and the black one is Coco’s calf Rocket(12/25/15). Our daughter is responsible for naming the animals!


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