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Grass Finished Beef:

We have just picked up our beef from the butcher. It is Jersey beef, and if you haven’t tried this type you are in for a treat!

People are always surprised at the amazing flavour. A customer did a blind taste test for her friends, using our beef and beef from another beef producer who has traditional beef breeds and ours was the winner!

Prices per pound:

Ground  beef                                          7.00

Shanks: ideal for slow cooking           8.00

London broil, Brisket, Arm roasts      9.00

Sirloin Tip roasts                                   11.00

Sirloin Tip steaks                                   13.00

Flat Iron, Skirt/ Hanger Steaks            13.00

Boneless Ribeye Steaks                         16.00

New York Strip Steaks                           18.00

Filet Mignon  Steaks                               23.00

Bones for broth                                        3.00

We do not get another animal butchered till the current beef is sold,  so if you have a favorite cut, it is best to get in now and put in your freezer so you have it !


Non GMO, Milk fed Berkshire X pork:

Our current pigs are mostly Berkshire, a heritage breed. Our piglets for next year are “Red Wattle” purchased from a local breeder. This is a rare breed, originally from East Texas, and we are looking forward to trying out the pork next year.

Our pigs are fed Non GMO fed, they forage and get the extra milk and whey from our Jersey cows, which makes their pork unique and delicious.

Prices per pound

Breakfast Sausage (medium)  Bulk  7.00      Links  7.50            Our most popular flavour!

Chorizo: Sweet and spicy.       Bulk 7.00        Links  7.50

Hot Italian: Great for meatballs or subs      Links  7.50

Bratwurst: mild flavour but still tasty!        Links  7.50

Plain Ground Pork                   Bulk 7.00

Spare Ribs                                                              6.50

Pork Chops                                                           10.00

Ham Roasts/ Boston Butt/ Shoulder roast        7.00

Tenderloin                                                            12.00

Pork fat for making lard                                      2.50


Gassfed Navajo Churro Lamb

Our Navajo Churro sheep range through the fields and browse a variety of vegetation. They get a little organic grain to make them more friendly, but are essentially grassfed.

This breed is a rare breed that we are helping to publicise and create a demand for their meat and fiber. The meat is recommended by “Slow Food”.

See our sheep page for photos and more information.

Prices per pound

Leg Shanks: perfect for braising                             9.00

Ground Lamb… ever tried ” lamb burgers”?       12.00

Loin Chops/ Rib Chops                                             18.00


Due to the bottleneck in the local food meat processing industry it is extremely hard to have a continuous supply of lamb. Go to to find out more about this issue. So buy it when you see we have it!

We also have beef, pig and sheep organ meats. Please email for availability and more information.


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