Old Orchard Farm, Shipman, VA

Welcome to our website!

We are a small family who bought some land and started growing our own food as much as possible, a number of years ago now. We started with a garden and laying hens and it went on from there. Farmers markets tend to be pricy and if you have the space it is worth trying to grow/ raise what you can to save money and have the freshest food possible! We have a lot to fit in besides our “day jobs” but it is worth it when you  sit down for dinner and you  have grown everything on your plate.


We really believe that  “you are what you eat!”, and enjoy sharing the food that we produce with members of our community so they can benefit too from the great nutrition that nourishes our bodies and keeps us healthy.

We are not a large farm, and we have to eat/sell the whole animal before another is butchered so you will have to be patient if your favorite cut is sold out! Just buy it when we have it and keep it in your freezer so then you have it !

Eat well!

Anne, Dan and Elizabeth Buteau

An Update :

In April 2019 we closed our farm market at the Rockfish Valley Community Center(RVCC) in the Concession Stand that we had operated since January 2017.

Since then we have been offering a Wednesday morning pick up at RVCC for orders ONLY, between 9.15 and 10am in the gravel parking lot near the skate board ramp, so customers can continue to access our yummy Old Orchard Farm meats, plus non eggs and organically grown seasonal veggies and fruit from Dianna Beer, and Dan Lefever.

The good news:

I am continuing this service because access to wholesome local foods is extra important at this time. I truly believe that fresh locally produced food is so much better for you, which is why we eat seasonally, produce what we can and buy from friends and neighbors what we can’t.

Before we know it, Christmas will be approaching. I make and sell ( and ship) a Traditional English Fruitcake because people who had a taste loved it so much! Plus there is only 8oz sugar in a 4lb cake! I’ll be making a page on the website about it, but till then the easiest way to keep in touch and up to date with what is happening is to receive our farm newsletter:

Sign up for Old Orchard Farm’s newsletter here!

We hope that everyone stays well, and the situation will improve soon.

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