Navajo-Churro Sheep

Navajo-Churro Sheep

This historic breed is classified as “threatened” by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. They are one of the oldest sheep breeds in North America, and are considered sacred and a way of life by the Navajo people.

When you get to know and connect with these sheep you will understand how special they are.  Our intention is to increase awareness of this breed and encourage others to raise them, and help ensure the survival of this breed. We have been raising these sheep since around 2012.

They provide us with wool of many beautiful shades from white to caramel to dark chocolate, plus a brown/ silver combination, suitable for spinning, weaving, knitting, felting etc. and the yarn is extremely durable.

Our sheep also provide us with food. Their meat has a wonderful flavor, and a low fat content.

They are extremely hardy, with a double coat of wool which keeps them warm.
The ewes lamb easily, and twins are not uncommon.
20170506_164753 (1)
The lambs get very friendly if handled a lot when they are young!

We have male & female lambs / sheep for sale for breeding, pets or eating and have USDA processed meat in the freezer, and wool also available for sale.

If you do not utilize a breed to keep it going it will die out. The Navajo-Curro are extremely well suited to a homesteading situation, or first time sheep owners, as they have strong flocking instincts, are very intelligent, the ewes rarely need any assistance in lambing, and they do not require pampering to survive and prosper.

If you wish to come and meet our flock please email or call 434 260 4701

More photos coming soon!


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